Frequently Asked Questions

The most common FAQs answered about TribePost’s fixed fee recruitment service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are now a large number of companies in the UK to choose from when looking for a flat fee service. These FAQs should give you a good feel for how TribePost work and how our award-winning team can help you fill your vacancies with the best candidates in your local area.

The most common FAQs answered about TribePost’s fixed fee recruitment service.

  • What is Flat Fee Recruitment?

    Flat fee is just another name for fixed fee, so Flat Fee Recruitment is simply when a price is agreed up front for a recruitment campaign. You don’t incur any other charges, even if more than one candidate is hired.

  • Why choose a Flat Fee Recruitment service?

    Because it’s the most cost-effective recruitment service out there. There are no confusing/hidden, extra costs, and there are no fees for multiple hires. But, importantly, this type of service allows you to access a large pool of relevant job seekers, no matter what your budget, something that used to be only available through traditional agencies and PLCs.

  • What makes TribePost different from other recruitment services?

    We take the time to listen to, and tailor our service to, your exact requirements. Here, you and your candidates will have a positive experience of the recruitment process – throughout your campaign. Our award-winning team of experienced recruitment consultants aim to impress every client by delivering a stellar service and outstanding value for money.

  • How will TribePost save me money?

    TribePost’s pricing structure is completely transparent:

    —  We don’t engage our clients in expensive, long-term contracts.
    —  There are NO hidden costs.
    —  Regardless of how many people are hired, you only pay the one initially agreed fee.
    —  You only pay for what you actually need (& when you need it).

    Speak to one of our experts to find out exactly how much you’ll save. Call 0800 500 3192 today.

  • What’s the difference between a Branded Advertising Campaign and a Unbranded Advertising Campaign?

    A branded campaign is where your job advertisement includes your company logo and mentions your brand throughout the job description copy. This is fantastic way to advance awareness of your business to give job seekers a better understanding of your values and culture, and also the confidence that they are applying to work for a reputable company. Branded advertising campaigns tend, therefore, to generate a higher response and a better standard of candidate.

    An unbranded advertising campaign makes no mention of your business at all; candidates will not know which company they’re applying to. This is usually only appropriate if you have a confidential vacancy, or you don’t want to publicise that you are looking for staff. Experience and research tells us that job seekers are less likely to respond to this type of advert so the quality and number of applications can be affected.

  • What exactly will my Account Manager do for me?

    Your Account Manager is there to guide you throughout the whole process of your online campaign. They’ll know just the right tweaks to make to your job descriptions to make them attract the right candidates. They’ll screen the responses to make sure you only get the most suitable candidates by communicating with you via email or through your ATS. But they’ll also be searching through the databases of active job seekers to find any that match what you’re looking for.

  • How long will TribePost work on my vacancy?

    Generally, each vacancy is worked on for 30 days.

  • Does TribePost provide any guidance on how to write the perfect job description?

    Yes. Each job board works in a different way, so there are a few simple rules that are worth following. Your Account Manager is available to help, but we’ll also send you over some useful tips on how to get the most out of your job ad.

  • What types of jobs can I advertise?

    The answer is ANY. Online job boards support all kinds of roles across all sectors. You can advertise any job, any type of contract (permanent/part time etc.), any salary and for any location in the UK.

  • How fast is the process?

    As fast as you need it to be. We can have your campaign live on the same day you tell us about it. Candidates search job boards at all hours of the day and night, so if your campaign goes live at 5pm on evening, applications from relevant candidates will be with you first thing the next morning.

  • Will I receive CVs quickly?

    Yes. Most clients receive relevant CVs to consider within hours of their vacancy going live.

  • How is the applicant’s experience managed?

    We understand that, from a candidate’s point of view, it can be frustrating not knowing what’s happened to their application… is it lost in the ether? So, as soon as their application is submitted, the candidate will receive an email acknowledgement. Our ATS (applicant tracking system) allows us to make sure that every applicant knows whether they have, or have not, been shortlisted for the position.

  • How do I contact the candidates for my vacancy?

    Each candidate will have provided an email address and phone number with their application that we have confirmed. All applicants are told that you may be in touch when they submit their application so you can contact them directly.

  • How do we deal with unsuccessful candidates?

    TribePost’s usual practice is to advise applicants that, if they are not contacted within 15 working days of submitting their application, then unfortunately on this occasion they’ve been unsuccessful.

  • Will my vacancy be shared on social media sites?

    Yes! Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are fantastic platforms for advertising jobs. Both TribePost and the job boards engage with thousands of job seekers to ensure your vacancy is given the maximum amount of exposure.

  • How much will it cost me?

    We provide a bespoke service, so costs will vary depending on your requirements. However, we strive to maintain the most competitive rates in the UK for the service provided. To give you a rough idea of price, our (account managed) fully branded campaigns start from £899 for a single campaign and as low as £499 if you’re looking to run multiple campaigns.

  • Does TribePost offer me any guarantees?

    Yes. We give you our guarantee that our experienced team will do everything in their power to give you the largest possible shortlist of candidates to choose from. We want to become a long-term recruitment partner and preferred choice for your recruitment campaigns, but if that’s not enough, your Account Manager is also targetted on making sure your campaigns work well!

  • How do I pay my invoice?

    For your convenience, TribePost accepts BACS (Bank transfer), Credit Card (via PayPal) or Cheque.

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